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Bits Generation is a trailblazing force in the tech and creative industry, fueling innovation and transformation. Founded in 2020 we’ve been dedicated to pioneering solutions that resonate with the digital era. Comprising a dynamic team of professionals, we operate globally, with a footprint spanning. Bits Generation wasn’t born from ambition but from a love for crafting solutions that shine. We’re a mosaic of passionate professionals. Together, we’re architects of the digital landscape, turning your ideas into vibrant realities.

Our Story

Within the ever-evolving fields of creativity and technology, Bits Generation has come to represent innovation. Our inception three years ago was not just a beginning but a catalyst for change. We started on a journey where every step has been driven by an unwavering quest for quality, to redefine digital landscapes as our foundation. We are at the forefront of the industry’s evolution because of our dedication to innovative concepts.

Our organization’s collaboration is its vitality. Through seamless teamwork and an unwavering ethos of constant evolution, we’ve adapted to industry shifts and driven them. Our multi-ethnic crew, which is dispersed around the US, the Philippines, Dubai, and Pakistan, demonstrates our worldwide outlook. Our personnel offer a diverse range of skills, including development, design, writing, marketing strategy, and recruitment. Their combined talents enable us to deliver unmatched solutions.

We don’t just follow trends in our connected world—we set them. As change architects, we never stop pushing the envelope, opening doors, and reshaping the digital future with an uncompromising spirit of innovation.

Our Team

At Bits Generation, our strength lies in our multifaceted team. Every image you view is proof of our vibrant, diverse team. Your digital aspirations come to life as our engineers skillfully weave code into elaborate tapestries. Our designers are masters of color, turning ideas into breathtaking visuals. Our wordsmiths create captivating narratives that captivate your audience by using language as art. Marketing strategists navigate the digital environment with unerring accuracy, acting as your compass. Additionally, our recruiters are talent whisperers, guaranteeing that our team will always be innovative.

We are beyond just employees; we’re collaborators, co-creators, and your biggest cheerleaders. We provide a hand well, like a keyboard and pen to empower your journey, whether you’re a young company or an established industry leader. So let’s begin to unveil your vision’s potential, bit by brilliant bit and pixel by pixel. Together, let’s create your legacy.

Our Leadership Team

A collective force of creative minds and strategic thinkers, our team is dedicated to transforming ideas into impactful realities. Together, we fuel innovation and drive success.
  • Eraj Abidi
    • Umer Wajid
      • Kamran A
        Director of Operations
        • Human Resource
          • Hozeefa Batoool
            HR Manager
        • Sales
          Lead Generation
          • Open Vacancy
            Head of Sales
            • Syed Ibrahim
              LG Specialist
            • Mohsin Rizvi
              LG Specialist
        • Production
          • Open Vacancy
            Production Head
            • Design
              • Mehzam Mehdi
                Sr. Creative Designer
            • Development
              • Open Vacancy
                PHP Backend Developer
              • Aftab Ali Khan
                Full Stack Developer
            • Content Writing
              • Mahnoor Ali
                Technical Writer
            • Marketing
              • Usama L
                SEO Specilist
              • Tatheer Fatima
                PPC Specialist
        • IT
          • Asad Ali
            IT Assistant

Eraj Abidi


Tatheer Zehra


Umer Wajid


Mohsin Rizvi


Tabish Wali


Kamran Abidi


Syed Urwah Bin Hamid

Frontend Web Developer

Mukhtar Ali Channa

Production Lead

Fizza Zehra


Mehzam Mehdi

Graphics Designer

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